Some updates for 2016!

Hey everyone!  Just a quick post to give you some details about Hub-a-Palooza…

We are currently working on getting registration setup, it should be online by Sunday, January 10th.


  • – Race dates are April 1-3, 2016
  • – The People’s Enduro will have a 4th stage for Expert/Pro
  • – For 2016 we will be changing up the DH courses a bit, look forward to the same style of tracks as before, just changing things up a bit
  • – We hired Red Tent Timing (Cascadia Dirt Cup, timers of The People’s Enduro 2015) to time both DH and Enduro.  DH will have split second timing just as it always has.
  • – Enduro awards will take place right after the the end of the event rather than at the end of the DH race.
  • – DH racing will start at 1pm on Saturday, and 12pm on Sunday.
  • The City of Spokane has decided to enforce their “No Camping” rule, so as of now there is no camping at Camp Sekani as there has been in the past.  We are working with them to find a solution to this.WE HEARD BACK FROM THE CITY, CAMPING IS ALLOWED FOR 2016!!! GREAT NEWS!
  • – There will be a lot more hotel access this year, as we no longer conflict with a very large event that was taking place in Spokane.  As soon as there is a deal set in place with a partnering hotel, we will post the location and discount code.

Thanks for reading!!!  We look forward to making this event even bigger than last year!

Get registered now!

Click here to register online!

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