2 Wheel Ten Hour at Camp Sekani – Beacon Hill in Spokane, WA – April 29, 2017


We are excited to bring you the inaugural Two Wheel Transit Ten Hour MTB race at Camp Sekani!  The early season dirt will be prime, and the location has plenty to offer all riders.  The course will be 9.4 miles, there will be some onsite camping, and it will be a good time!  Find all the details below, then get registered!


Location, Location, Location


Gates open for camping Friday the 28th at noon and close Sunday the 30th at noon.
Camping is available Friday the 27th – Saturday the 29th for a $10/night fee which is donated to Evergreen East.


Timing & Registration is provided by: vnwtiming.com – live results will be available at this race.


  • In-person registration and packet pickup, Friday 4pm – 7pm @ Camp Sekani upper parking lot.  Riders registering for the race in person on this day will be subject to a $20 late fee per rider, register early.
  •  Same day registration and check in begins at 6am Saturday the 29th.  Riders/teams registering for the race on the day of will be subject to a $20 late fee per rider, register early.



The Basics

  • Race begins at 8:00 AM with a LeMons-style start. Racers will run designated course to bikes.
  • Pre-race meeting is promptly at 7:30 to go over format, rules and other notes for racers.
  • One Lap of the main course is roughly 9.4 miles in length.
  • Only one rider from each team goes around the course at any one time.
  • Teams decide what order their team members rider in how many laps each team member rides if all members of the team must ride at least one lap.
  • All riders will be required to dismount just before passing through the timing tent. A transition will be located just after the timing tent to help facilitate a smooth transition to teammates. (Solo riders can bypass the transition area and continue course.)
  • Each team member gets their own race number (if you change bikes during the race it is up to you to move your race number to your new bike). Laps will not count if you start a lap without a number plate (Rainbow Racing, Spokane).
  • Each team will be given ONE ‘slap on arm band’.
  • The rider on the course is timed when they have completed their lap.
  • The goal is to complete as many laps as possible in the 10 hours, the teams in each category who do the most laps WIN (Congrats!!)
  • Solo riders will have a yellow tag under their seat so other riders can identify them on the course. Cheer them on. Push them up the hill. Give them some energy chews.


Don’t Forget

  • Obviously, your bike, shoes, shorts, helmet. And enough spare parts(tubes/tires).
  • Check out the local forecast for the weekend, may want a jacket.
  • Plenty of nutrition and hydration. (Potable water will be on site)
  • Cheer squad and/or support. If you are solo, you may want to ask a close friend/spouse to assist you.
  • Bring some cash. There will be food and beverage on site! YUM!
  • Probably won’t need lights unless your camping. (Daylight 5:34 AM – 8:00 PM)


Riding Rules

HELMET (It’s the law!) All riders must wear a cycle helmet while competing, warming up or if just riding around the venue area.



Trek Bicycle

Out There Monthly

Hammer Nutrition 


Race Categories:

Men Solo – $90
Women Solo – $90
Solo Single Speed – $90
2 Man – $160
2 Person (coed) – $160
2 Women – $160
3 Man – $230
3 Person (coed) – $230
3 Women – $230
4 Man (coed) – $290
5 Man (coed) – $340


Our obligations to you –

– Professionally organized event
– Courses taped and clearly marked
– Fast, accurate RFID timing
– Great raffle prizes
– Cash for Pro

Timing provided by vnwtiming.com
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